Dentists Talita and Jader underwent a rebranding project, and as a part of it, they utilized an animated video to present their brand's vision to the public. This approach turned out to be the perfect way to convey who they are, not through words but through visuals.

The brand itself contains hidden elements within the four circles. This is why the animation was employed to visually explain the core symbol, illustrating each meaning. To accomplish this, I took inspiration from classical animation, reducing the frame rate while maintaining the brand's colors. I also applied specific effects resulting in more sober shades. To ensure depth and consistency, I combined 3D animations with cell animations, dividing the video into sections to showcase each element of the brand.

Below, I've included some still images that provide a more detailed view of important aspects of the project.
Software used:
After Effects • Blender 3D (eevee) • Illustrator • Photoshop.

Time spent:
Plan/storyboard - 2 days
Animation - 1.5 weeks

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