Motion graphics, design and sound design by Johnny Peppler

Provida, the city's largest medical center, underwent significant changes in the way its care unit operates and required a video to effectively communicate these changes to its diverse audience.

For this explainer video, I chose a simplistic design approach, keeping the background uncluttered with a focus on the foreground and distinctive colors. As part of the overall stylistic choice, green was employed to represent Provida, including its people and elements, while red symbolized the public or patients. Another noteworthy design decision involved having all characters avert their gaze from actual individuals to avoid any generalizations or stereotyping.

In this project, I was involved in every stage, from scripting to directing the voice-over, making design choices, and overseeing animation to ensure that all elements of the video aligned seamlessly with the overarching objective. Given the client's specific requirements, every step was meticulously executed to preempt any issues.

Below, I've included a selection of stills that highlight pivotal aspects of this project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop.

Time spent:
Script: 2 days
Design Plan - 2 days
Storyboard - 3 days
Animation - 3 days

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