Hidrolight invests heavily in improving the quality of its products, always striving to be recognized as a top orthosis manufacturer. It's not just about the products; they also value how their relationship with customers unfolds from production to sales and support. This led them to consider rebranding their product boxes.

As part of their strategy to showcase quality, they approached me to create a video introducing the new concept for their boxes. With 3D resources at my disposal, I used various elements to transform the box from a mere product into a character. The video followed the popular "color blocks" style, but instead of a real-world setting, I added light particles and rotating objects alongside the box, which was rigged inside a cylindrical "ring."

To keep the motion smooth throughout all scenes, even when the main object had to remain still, I combined shooting techniques with motion graphics during the editing process.

Below, you'll find some stills that highlight important aspects of the project.
Software used:
After Effects • Blender 3D (eevee) • Illustrator • Photoshop.

Time spent:
Plan/storyboard - 2 days
Animation - 1.5 weeks

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