Motion graphics, design and sound design by Johnny Peppler

During the pandemic, Mercado Jr. launched a new service known as "Advanced Purchase," allowing the public to schedule their purchases and reap associated benefits. Even as a local neighborhood market, they aspired to broaden their reach by distinctively presenting this new service. There were no restrictions on the final project, with the sole request being to ensure that "compra antecipada" (advanced purchase) remained firmly in the public's consciousness by the end of the video.

To achieve a compelling result, I decided to utilize enjoyable references and cliches to engage the audience while preserving the essence of an explainer video. Regarding the video's style, it did not delve into a multitude of intricate elements or complex animations, as the primary focus was to convey the message, considering that this service was relatively novel at the time. The core message, "compra antecipada," was prominently displayed on a separate screen, strategically interrupting the rhythm, music, and animation, serving as a tool to accomplish the primary objective.

Below, I've provided a selection of stills that highlight key aspects of this project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop.

Time spent:
Plan/storyboard - 1 day
Animation - 2.5 days

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