Newforma underwent a comprehensive rebranding effort concurrent with a shift in its market positioning. In this context, a storytelling video emerged as the ideal medium to encapsulate the core concept.

Given the aim of featuring all three brands within the video, a duration of three minutes was deemed most suitable. The project commenced with animation planning preceding the creation of the storyboard. This approach facilitated a thorough script analysis, aiding in the delineation of how to segment each part of the video.

Following the planning phase, attention was directed towards design decisions. Simple elements such as lines were incorporated to support brand elements and guide viewers' attention through the frames and scene transitions. Notably, the decision to abstain from character-based animation was deliberate, aiming to portray the brand not as an individual but as a corporate entity, with character elements representing the public. It's worth mentioning that the strategy behind the three-minute duration ensured that every aspect of the video flowed seamlessly, engaging viewers throughout without an awareness of the passage of time.

Below, I've included a selection of stills that provide a glimpse into key components of this project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop.

Time spent:
Plan/storyboard - 2 days
Animation - 3 days

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