Brankas embarked on a brand enhancement journey, refining their communication and design to establish a more effective connection with the public. Their aim was to simplify and make their services more accessible, ensuring that people could readily grasp what they offered. To achieve this objective, they sought an explainer video that would elucidate their operations and outline the benefits for both consumers and businesses.

At that point, Brankas had never ventured into the realm of animated videos, which presented the unique challenge of creating an animation style from scratch, guided solely by their existing brand guidelines. Their design ethos was rooted in minimalism, characterized by icon-based visuals, the absence of characters, and a dedication to clean elements. Consequently, the challenge lay in infusing the video with a seamless flow, marked by fluid transitions that remained coherent with the movements of these elements.

The final video remains firmly within the brand guidelines, introducing motion to the existing elements and establishing an animation style that can be applied to future projects.

Below, I've included a selection of stills that highlight key aspects of this project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop • Milanote • PureRef

Time spent:
Plan/Storyboard - 1 days
Animation - 1.5 days

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