About me
My name is Johnny Peppler, and I'm 28 years old.
I'm a passionate musician who loves playing the drums and cello, which serves as a refreshing escape for my mind. I'm also enthusiastic about staying updated on technology and the gaming industry.
I hold a bachelor's degree in Design from SATC University here in Brazil, along with several specialized courses in motion graphics that I completed throughout my career.
My journey in the design field began when I started working at Senai as a UX/UI designer. This experience provided me with valuable skills such as organization, managing tight deadlines, and developing effective workflow methods. It was at Senai that I discovered my passion for "motion graphics."
In 2015, I began my undergraduate studies at SATC. Simultaneously, I was eager to build a strong portfolio, and I believed that working in an agency would be the best path to achieve that goal. Subsequently, I joined Lure, where I was recognized for my motion graphics skills, and spent three years working as a generalist designer.
During my time at Lure, my life underwent significant changes, and I found myself pondering about my future. The answer became clear—I wanted to become an accomplished motion designer. As I continued to work with freelance clients, my client base expanded, leading me to decide to leave Lure and pursue my dream wholeheartedly.
Focusing on my career as an independent designer allowed me to dedicate more time to studying and enhancing my portfolio. In December 2022, I had the opportunity to work as a freelancer specializing in motion graphics for Brafton Inc. I had the pleasure of contributing to several exciting projects, ultimately leading to my hiring on a three-month contract.
Today, I am actively seeking opportunities as a motion graphic designer. With over eight years of experience, I've collaborated with various companies, both within and outside Brazil, employing diverse workflows. I've consistently demonstrated a keen attention to detail, thriving in fast-paced environments, actively participating in team projects, and independently conceptualizing and executing projects from start to finish.
I am deeply committed to my career and am excited about the future achievements I have yet to accomplish. I would be honored to contribute my skills and expertise to your company's endeavors.