Hidrolight is making history by implementing real quality products on the market. Above products, quality, market … they wanted to share how they grew up offering a family-feeling environment that takes care of their collaborators while all of that benefits millions of people too. This institutional video shows Hidrolight's history through a narrative told by an AI-like character that crosses all over time from its foundation until today.

The video has 3 sections that represent historical periods and marks. The design choice for these sections changes as time gets closer to “Today”, like elements style, fonts, and the flow of the animation. The first section starts in 1986 to 1990s, with a lot of texture, paper, and rough-shaped elements; followed by the second one, which is from 2008 to 2020-2021 bringing simpler style and “hard” and less-detailed elements; then “today” propose what Hidrolight is doing and their plan for the future, all the technology investment, expansion through the world and, the most important thing, what motivates their steps to keep care and quality together through their actions.

Another interesting part of this video was the planning part. I used Milanote as a tool to put all ideas together, bringing all the references to a single canvas, so I could separate the ideas into sections that made it easier to see what was happening inside each section to select the styles. With the canvas filled, I could also zoom out to see the entire project on the screen and see if all elements were making sense with each other.

Below, I've included some stills that better showcase important parts of the project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop • Milanote • PureRef

Time spent:
Planning - 2 days
Storyboard - 5 days
Animation - 10 days

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