Pre-launch teaser

Official launch video

In developing the 3D project for Hidrolight, which involved modeling and animating their new pneumatic boot, I aimed to blend elements that showcased both the product's technology and the brand's identity. To achieve this, I introduced a robot as a symbolic representation of the product, establishing a visual connection between the two elements.
The creative process began before the 3D work, with gathering references to conceive the model, including sketches to better plan which elements I would incorporate to relate to the boot. The development was based on Blender software, where I could model the boot and robot details, ensuring a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, in line with Hidrolight's essence. Strategic lighting was crucial to highlight the product's features, elegantly and captivatingly revealing its details.
The project included producing two separate videos: a pre-launch teaser and another for the official release. Both videos were meticulously planned, with smooth animations and seamless transitions, exploring different angles to showcase all aspects of the boot and robot.
An organized methodology was adopted, with a well-defined schedule and deadlines at each stage, ensuring transparency and clarity for the client regarding the project's progress. Moreover, pre-production and approval at every development stage ensured quality and fidelity throughout the project.
At the core of this creative process, my aim was to create a visually striking product and to convey the message of innovation and excellence that Hidrolight represents in its market segment. The final result is a blend of style and technology showcased in an animation that captivates from start to finish. Below, I present a selection of still images highlighting key aspects of this project.
Software used:
After Effects • Illustrator • Photoshop • Milanote • PureRef

Time spent:
Planning - 2 days
Storyboard - 5 days
Animation - 10 days

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